Modular Housing

modular housingThe modular housing is one solution to the post-hurricane housing shortage that is gaining traction throughout the Gulf Coast and Delta. Not to be confused with what is often referred to as “modular housing” or trailers which are built to construction standards set by HUD. Modular homes are built using the same construction standards as site-built homes; the 2009 International Residential Building Code, 2008 National Electrical Code, 2008 Mechanical Code, and the LA Plumbing Code.

These codes require the builder to include about 40% more wood than what is required by HUD in “modular housing.” The maximum wind requirement set by HUD for “modular housing” is 110 mph. The minimum wind capacity construction that modular housing is built to is 130 mph. Modular construction offers some significant advantages over traditional site-built homes that are particularly well suited to the current challenges facing the modular housing recovery:


Advantages of Modular Housing

  • As modular housing is created, home manufacturers can measure how much material is required for construction, creating less waste.
  • The additional materials used to build the walls of a modular house make the home sturdier.
  • Modular housing can be built in less time. Instead of waiting for the deconstruction of the former buildings and laying the foundation before building, a folding container house can be made in the factory during site prep time.
  • Modular housing are additionally better for nature because fewer materials are used in development while it disturbs the environment less than the conventional constructions.
  • In traditional construction, materials are subjected to rain and snow, which impacts the project’s time and costs—less stress for everyone on the team and the customer.
  • Modular housings are resistant to form, fire, and termites.
  • Materials age well and require little upkeep.
  • Low Structural Cost and High Strength.
  • Small Footprint and Large Living Area
  • This development procedure of modular housing is perfect for multi-story residences or office space, offering a vast usable territory in a little impression.
  • It has tons of Potential for even Difficult Sites.